So this is what the closet looks like….

For some bizarre reason, I am firmly in the closet at TAFE, and I really don’t know why. Usually, I don’t give a shit who knows that I am gay or what they think about it. If they have a problem, its their problem not mine. However, I spend my whole time playing the pronoun game when I talk to TAFE people, and it is really starting to piss me off, but I can’t seem to gain the courage to say “my girlfriend” instead of “my partner”.
Something must have changed today as I came out to Danny and Bec, whilst we were sitting at the pub after class. We were just leaving and Danny wanted to know if I wanted him to wait for me and I replied, “no that’s cool, I am off to meet my girlfriend.” Danny gave me a look which was like “finally she comes out” and headed off. Bec didn’t seem to care or hear, not sure which.
I think the reason I am in the closet is that one of my friends Shiralee is SO anti-gay, it is scary. Also quite a few of my classmates are the same way. It is scary to see such narrow-minded views, especially since most of the class are in the 18-24 age bracket. I thought the youth of today were more accepting of queers, but apparently not.


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