I found this on Boing Boing in a discussion about comments made following the US election.

Molly wrote in to say,
As a Texan, I’d like to repeat the words of Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks and say that I’m embarrassed to that Bush is from Texas. And yes, the country really is stupid, and that’s why an incompetent criminal has been re-elected. I got a very clear picture of his base constituency when having a discussion over lunch with some co-workers about our favorite children’s shows. I was commenting on how much I liked Sesame Street, and one woman (a very vocal Christian conservative) said, “Oooh.. Sesame Street is too tolerant for me”. To my horror, several other women nodded their heads in agreement. I guess I didn’t even think there was such a thing as too tolerant.

What the f*ck?? Sesame Street is now too liberal for the Religious Right? They really are bigoted homophobic racists, when they find quality children’s television to be offensive.


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