Update Time

Work has been insane. Thankfully, all the aggressive cats have gone home, but the kittens are making sure that I still come home with scars.
This week has been the week that no one but me seems to be at work. Monday was the usual as Todd was working, so he was missing for half the day. On Tuesday, it was the Melbourne Cup. I had to come into work early so that Catriona and Kerri could go to a luncheon out at the racetrack. I missed most of the race as someone actually came in to collect their dog during it. So much for it being the “race that stops a nation”. Today, Catriona went to her daughter’s sports carnival. I don’t mind being at work by myself as it does mean I can check my email, but sometimes it does get kinda lonely.

The kittens are now almost all grown up. They are currently being weaned onto tin food, and are doing really well at it. I decided to name all the kittens after CSI characters. So we have Sara, the only female, who is the kitten that has to do everything first and doesn’t want any cuddles as she is too busy exploring. Grissom is the little kitten who, whilst all the kittens are playing, sits in the corner and watches them. Nick is the one who wants cuddles all the time, and is Sara’s exploring companion. Warrick is very quiet and has an obsession with chewing on Sara’s or Nick’s head. Then we have little Liam (aka Greg), he is the black and white kitten. He is the one you can hear crying throughout the entire clinic. When he is not crying, he is sleeping with Nick (evil grin). Then there is Momma Cat (Lilah) who would be called Catherine if she didn’t already have a name. She loves her kids, but would much rather be hanging out with Coco or Leroy, or exploring the clinic.


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