Work me to death

I had to work today, so I missed TAFE, which I wasn’t happy about. Oh well, what is another test to make up, right?

Work was insanely busy, as it seemed to be all of this week. Again, we had a run of aggressive animals. Owen, a rather large 8kg male cat, has been in hospital since Wednesday with pancreatitis. He is one of our regular boarders and is quite fine with you changing his litter tray or feeding him, but if you try to touch him, he turns into one aggressive cat. Unfortunately being sick means that he needs to be on a drip and have daily blood tests. So for the past three days, my job has been holding Owen whilst the vet takes blood or tries to replace a blocked catheter – and I have the scars and bruises to prove it. On the plus side, I am quite comfortable handling aggressive cats now. Actually, I kinda enjoy it. There is something rewarding about being able to control an aggressive animal.
I am also getting really good at setting up drips. Almost everything we have had in this week has needed a drip; Owen, Tamba – an aggressive male cat with a blocked bladder and our vet’s cat, Maude, who has developed diabetes.

I am now ready to collapse from exhaustion. I came home and read LJ and my email for over half an hour before remembering that I had not downloaded CSI – now that is tired.


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