A fairly quiet weekend all up. Lela and I got lots of spring cleaning done. Our bedroom is on its way to looking fabulous. It definitely looks less messy. We now have a massive pile of clothing to wash that Caleb had been secretively using as bedding. Having open shelves at floor level isn’t a great idea when you have dogs.

Yesterday, I got called into work early as there was lots of work to do and Kerri had to leave work early. We had two surgeries, two grooms, two baths and one pup with parvo. Todd and I managed to get them all done by about 3pm. Hell broke loose at 4pm and all of a sudden it was 30 mins past hometime. People just kept turning up, mainly with small aggressive dogs that needed their nails clipped. I am not sure what it was about yesterday, but all we seem to see was small aggressive dogs that we had to muzzle before we could even touch them.
We also ended up with nine 6 week old puppies in hospital. All are suffering from vomiting and diarrhea, but tested negative for parvo last night. Hopefully, they just have a slight gastro bug and we can send them home today. They really were the cutest things though – and just huge! They are going to be big dogs when they grow up.

Hopefully today will be much quieter and I can finally get some pictures of the kittens.


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