Never say that it is quiet

Work today started off being extremely quiet. Did a few x-rays of a labrador with OCD in both shoulders. Spent a lot of time playing with the kittens. Then I mentioned to Todd that it was quiet. Shouldn’t have done that. Hell broke loose soon afterwards. I had client come in who wanted to debate the drugs that Catriona had left for her to pick up. Whilst, I was trying to work out exactly what she wanted a lady walked in with a dog in her arms and sat down. I must admit that I didn’t take much notice of her. It wasn’t until about 5 minutes later when she approached the counter, that I noticed that the dog she had in her arms was covered in blood. The dog, a little Maltese, had been attacked by a “larger dog”. I am not certain what kind of dog as the lady’s English wasn’t too great. Got the dog rushed out the back and stablised. I returned out the front to be accosted by a lady with a notepad demanding the name of the lady who just went out the back with the injured dog. She wanted to complain about the dog that had just been attacked. I didn’t have time to tell her I couldn’t give out patient details when the dog lady came back out. I decided not to get involved and let them two sort things out. All whilst this is going on, the owners of the labrador with OCD had been waiting patiently. I was waiting for them to start complaining and demanding to see a vet, but they didn’t, instead they went out for coffee whilst we worked on the Maltese. We ended up seeing them about an hour after their appointment time, and not once did they complain. Gods, I wish all of our clients were this understanding. The maltese, Tobi, is currently on a drip. He sustained two puncture wounds in his chest, a fractured canine tooth and another puncture wound on his muzzle. His x-rays didn’t show any critical damage like a punctured lung or ruptured diaphragm, but he did have a huge mass of air underneath his skin. Only time will tell what the extent of his injuries would be. However, he managed to jump off the x-ray table and take himself on a tour of the OR, so hopefully, he has no major injuries. I am never going to complain that it is quiet ever again.

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