Rain, rain go away

It is still raining. For three days straight, it has been nothing but cold weather and rain. I know I should be grateful for the rain, especially since we are currently experiencing a drought and our water supply is running out. However, it is not raining in the dam catchment areas so other than watering the garden all this rain isn’t really doing us much good. Why they build a dam where it rarely rains is beyond me.

Work has been extremely quiet cause no one really wants to come out when the weather is so miserable. We had no clients in today, so we spent the day doing lots of cleaning and filing – the boring stuff that needs to get done that we never have time to do. The clinic is looking great after today’s effort. I also spent a lot of today playing with the 5 little kittens and Momma Cat. The kittens are slowly becoming interested in their surroundings and now are wanting to go explore rather than sleep all the time. Next week, it will be time to start weaning them onto solid foods. I can see one very messy kitten week coming up.

Lela made me a Jorja Fox wallpaper last night as a special present. I am feeling very much loved and spoilt – and I have new Jorja wallpaper. My life is good.


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