Kitten Update

A rather quiet day at work, thanks to the fact that it was raining and cold. We did have a golden retriever in for a bone biopsy on a rather suspicious looking lump on her leg. It is most definitely a tumor, but we won’t know for certain until we get the lab results back.
All 5 kittens are still alive and are doing great. I can’t believe that the little black and white boy is still hanging in there – one tough little kitten there. Poor Lilah (Momma cat) is going stir-crazy though, being stuck with the kittens 24/7. I let her have a little wander around as I got all the meals ready for our boarders. Then she didn’t want to go back to the “kids”. I had to carry her back to the isolation ward and place her in the cage. The kittens were happy to have Mum back though.

It has turned quite cold here. On Wednesday, it was 38C and now it is 14C and raining. I am back wearing flannel PJs and am seriously debating turning on my electric blanket tonight. It is crazy!

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