Saturday: My horoscope for today was “Challenges will confront you today, but you’ll get by with a little help from your friends, and actually it will be fun”. Fittingly, I spent the day roleplaying. Sherene was our first-time DM and ran a great game where we were chasing werewolves and other scary supernatural things. No quotes this time, but Sherene sent me the ones she collected from the last game.

“You’re not secreted in the wall panel, are you?” -Bree

“Have you had a chance to look at my body yet Doc?” -Bree to Dr Watson

“If I wind up in an autopsy room, I’ll be seriously put out… I don’t mean that I’ll put out!” -Nashwa

“I wouldn’t be seen dead in a dodge.” -Nashwa

“I’m getting a little unnerve. First I have dead people looking at me. Now I have dramatic music!” -Bree

“I’m a Jehovah’s Witness.” -Nashwa

“Paul Wileski, it’s etched in my head”
“At least something’s in there.” -Eadjan and Bree

“If you’re standing there with your hands on it like you need to, people may look at you weirdly.” -GM to Bree

“I’m enjoying watching her scramble way too much.” -Bree re. Nashwa

“Oh my god, he’s had his face eaten.” -GM re. Choco

“Thank you for thedead animals that fed us. For death is mighty, as are you, Lord Mictlan.” -Eadjan’s Prayer of Thanks.

“I’m here with Dr Paharo.” -Bree

“What about you, Dr Pajero?” -Bree

“You can’t pick up some boxes, but you can carry Eadjan with your pinky?” -Bree to Nashwa

“Your evil cult has you on probation?”
“It’s not a cult!” -Nashwa and Eadjan

“Hey Eadjan, we found some of your relatives! They have TWO eyes!” -unknown

“Well, I’m going down. Are you going down?” -Bree to Eadjan

“This is how epic stories are made; the world was saved by a one-eyed Mexican!” -Vron

Sunday: After spending the morning grocery shopping, we went to see the Sydney Uni Flames vs AIS basketball game. Since AIS is a relatively inexperienced game, it wasn’t a game that we were going to lose. However, the Flames were really lackluster for most of the game. There was some impressive 3-pointers from Hennessey, but the whole team seemed to lack motivation. It was like they found the game kinda boring. Therefore, the scoreline was only 87-65. It should have been much, much higher.


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