Played dress-ups at TAFE today. Had to put on the whole surgical outfit – scrub top and pants, hair net, booties and face mask and then “scrub-in”, put on the surgical gown and gloves. It was all a lesson on how to preserve the aseptic environment of the operating theatre. We do nothing like this at my clinic. The vets do wear a scrub top and scrub-in and put on gloves, but the nurses just walk in with no preparation whatsoever. We don’t touch anything that is sterile, but I have walked into the OR covered in dog hair and gotten things like gloves and suture materials for the vet. Hmm… maybe we might have to assess our OR standards. We also practiced our suturing once again, which is always fun. Only 4 weeks of TAFE left for the year.

Currently at home deciding how to spend my evening. Nothing is appealing to me at all.


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