Kitten Status Report

The little white kitten died last night. She wasn’t feeding and it seems like Lilah rejected her. However, the little black & white boy is going strong. He is always in the middle of the pile of kittens and is right there amongst the action during feeding times holding his own. He is one tough little guy that’s for sure. We are still doing hourly check on him to make sure he is warm and still alive as he could fade at any time, but we are hopeful he will make it. The other kittens are doing well too. They now have their eyes open and are a lot more vocal.

It is also cooler, thank god. A southerly change hit around lunchtime and brought the temperature down from 30C to a more respectable 25C. It has just started raining and there is a lovely cool breeze blowing through the window.

I am back to TAFE tomorrow for term 4. I have a test of radiology that I have not studied for. Oh well.

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