Blister in the Sun

Hot doesn’t even begin to describe today. It peaked at 38.5C today. Fortunately, I was in my beautifully air-conditioned clinic for most of today, thank god. The one good thing about today being so hot is that the towels and surgical drapes dried really quickly. Surprisingly, we didn’t have any animals brought in suffering from heat exhaustion, although one of our reps told us a great story for another clinic she visited today. Apparently, the owner of an extremely overweight cocker spaniel, who hasn’t been taken for a walk for over two years, thought that today would be an excellent day to take her dog for a walk. And guess what?? It keeled over from heat exhaustion and had to be rushed to the vet’s… wow, who would have thought that on a 38C day an unfit dog would get heat exhaustion. Gods, people are such idiots and the heat just seems to make them worse.

Our big event for the day was the arrival of two newborn kittens that were found in a drain by a teacher at the local highschool. The kittens were born last night and still had their umbilical cords attached. I thought that the 12 day old kittens were small, but these newbies are tiny. We put them in with Lilah and she doesn’t seem to mind the addition of two more kittens to care for. The black and white male is doing really well, but the poor little white girl isn’t. She is not feeding well, and she is just so tiny. We bottle-fed her and have been attaching her manually onto Lilah’s nipple, but we are not sure she is suckling. Hopefully, she will begin to thrive soon.


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