Work was just crazy today. I got called in early at 10am to face 8 surgeries, 3 grooms and an overweight dog with pancreatis… yay! Things got that hectic that at 2pm Catronia ordered a halt to the madness in favour of taking a 30 minutes break to eat samosas, from the new Indian restaurant next door, and to drink Coke. I love a boss that looks around the clinic and announces, “this is insane, let’s stop and have lunch.”

Also summer seems to have arrived. It hit 32C today and is forecasted to reach 37C tomorrow with a total fire ban. Those kind of temperatures are normally what we see in January, not October. It is pure madness. It is currently 10:50pm now and it is still 28C, and I don’t have airconditioning. I hate summer, and it isn’t officially here yet. I am so glad that I am going to be spending most of tomorrow at work where the wonderful air conditioning is.

On the weight loss side of things, I have lost another 1kg, which brings my grand total to 6kgs. I have 9kgs to go. Probably not going to reach my goal weight by Christmas, but I am going to try for my 30th birthday in March.


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