At Work

Currently at work, but it is completely dead, even the vet isn’t here, so I have crept onto the computer. I had only one groom to do of this annoying Pomeranian, who is currently out the back in a cage with a hairdryer.

We also have in residence a Momma Cat(Lilah)and her four 1 week old kittens. The kittens are so, so cute and very tiny. They are currently out in the isolation ward where it is nice and quiet and they aren’t disturbed. Momma Cat is very friendly and seems to like Cocco (our clinic cat) and Leroy (our 10 week old black kitten) visiting her.

Leroy is currently making a nuisance of himself. Pouncing on the keyboard trying to bite or swipe my fingers. When he isn’t doing that, he is drinking from my mug of water – guess I have to go get myself a new glass if I want a drink too. He also seems to enjoy climbing on my shoulders and when I am all relaxed, he sneezes loudly in my ear – the little shit.


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