Election Results

I am angry and pissed off. John Howard and the Liberals have won the election and it was a whitewash. Labor conceded defeat at 9:30pm – 31/2 hours after polling booths had closed. So much for a close election. Also the ALP and the Democrates have lost control of the Senate to the Liberals. So they can pretty much pass anything they want to without a fight.

Last night we headed over to Sarah’s house for a final dinner with her before she leaves for the UK today. It turned into a mini-wake for the Labor party. There was some git there called Tim who was calling every politician he didn’t like a “faggot”, and this was while he was in a lesbian household surrounded by dykes and gay-friendly people. It was then I realised what was wrong with Australia and why the gay rights movement will have a hard time succeeding. *sigh* I am full of anger and loathing today.

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