Sore and Tired

Just finished two long and hard days at work. Tuesday afternoon was pure chaos with heaps of grooms and surgeries. I ended up getting out of work 30 minutes late. It then took me one hour and twenty minutes to get home. I really, really dislike our rail system. It is the height of rudeness just to cancel a train and not tell the commuters. I honestly think that the staff thought that we wouldn’t notice that our train didn’t turn up and we had to wait another 15 minutes. Well, we noticed and we weren’t impressed. You can tell when people are pissed off, cause they start talking to each other about how bad the service has gotten. There was a lot of anger on that platform.

So after getting home at 8:50pm last night, I had to front up to work at 8am this morning. The surgery was a complete and utter mess and not a single cage was cleaned. I had no one to blame but myself and the complete lack of time I had in which to do things last night. Therefore, I spent the first 30 minutes of my day trying to scrubbed out and disinfect as many cages as I could. I managed to clean the exact number of cages I needed for the day, so I was pretty pleased with myself. I had a psycho poodle and a grumpy cat to clip today – both of them got sedated, but the damn poodle wouldn’t stay sedated. He woke up about 10 minutes into the clip and spent the remaining time trying to bite me. All I can say is that I *love* muzzles. Also, had a German Shepherd X try to latch onto my arm as well today. I am seriously thinking that I had “bite me” written across my forehead. I also had three other dogs in that just needed a bath, which was fairly easy to do.
Today, I saw my worst case of hot spots ever, it was truly terrible. This poor 4 month old German Shepherd had an enormous rash covered by lots of scabs all around his neck. We had to sedate him in order to clip all the matted fur off as it was just too painful for the poor little guy, although he tried to endure it as long as possible. The vet left me to take care of the GSD after she had sedated him. Had to scrub his skin with a special antibacterial shampoo, rinse it off, dry the area and cover it in Neocort (antiseptic cream). Felt kinda good that the vet obviously thought I was capable enough to do it all myself, without absolutely no supervision whatsoever. She actually left the surgery to collect her kids, and hadn’t come back by the time it was time for me to go. I guess I will find out tomorrow if I did it correctly or not.


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