Yes! Roadtrip!

This October long weekend, my friends and I decided to head down to Canberra to watch our WNBL team, the Sydney Uni Flames play a double header against the Canberra Capitals and AIS. Since 7 of us were going down, we divided ourselves into two carloads – Mel, Fiona and Susan in one car and Sherene, Sarah, Lela and I in the other. The 300km drive to Canberra was fairly fun and uneventful, comprising of driving and stops at service stations and various McDonalds.

For those of you not from Australia, Canberra is our nation’s capital and is a state of its own embedded in New South Wales. Canberra is a planned city, which just makes it feel really alien. It looks like something you would design on SimCity if you had an obsession with roundabouts and having to travel in the opposite direction to get where you are going. It is pure hell to get to where you are going if you have never been there before. Anyway, I digress…

The first game of the weekend was against the Canberra Capitals on Friday night. The stadium was pretty much sold out and everyone was hyped up for the first game of the season. The players did not disappoint. It was an awesome game of basketball in which the Flames thrashed Canberra 88 – 64. The Capitals were just outclassed by the Flames, who had 3 of their players on the Olympic team.
At the stadium, we once again, parked next to Musselwhite’s car, and so had to uphold our tradition of leaving her a note. We have photographic evidence of this, which I will put up as soon as I get ahold of the photos. After the game, we headed to Woden Plaza for pizza before heading back to our apartment to crash. Unfortunately, the pillows there were the most uncomfortable construction of foam I have ever encountered, therefore, I got up quite early at 7:30am on Saturday morning, just because I couldn’t stand trying to sleep anymore.

On Saturday, we spent the day shopping and had lunch at Bernadette’s, a vegetarian cafe, before heading off to the match against the AIS. We again parked next to Musselwhite’s car, but decided not to leave a note as it might seem like we were crazy-stalker fans. The game at AIS was a direct contrast to that of the Canberra game. There was almost no-one there. We sat court-side, and got very up close and personal to the players and the basketball. Poor Lela got almost hit in the head by the ball about 3 times. The game itself was so energetic, thanks to the teenagers playing for AIS. They just had so much energy that it was exhausting watching them. The Flames won the game 96 – 59. We went to Goodberry’s for some celebratory frozen custard, which I couldn’t eat thanks to me and dairy being enemies. Being the immature people that we are, we decided to race each other partway back to the hotel. So, to anyone who was in Canberra on Saturday night, the 2 4WDs that were drag racing at 60km/h, that was us. Again, sleep was not pleasant. Gods, I really hated that pillow.

Sunday morning was checkout time. We headed to the Depot Markets at Kingston for a wander around before the long drive back home. The break away from home was just wonderful and was exactly what I needed. Now, alas, I have to spend Monday doing all those boring chores like laundry and shopping. Why is coming home from holidays never as fun as leaving for holidays?


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