Grooming & Cat Scratches

Work was a plethora of dogs all wanting to be bathed and/or clipped. Three of the dogs were King Charles Cavaliers, two of them in for a bath and the third in for a bath and clip. It was like Cavalier Day.
We also had in two male cats to be castrated and another cat to get lesions, frozen off his nose.
One of the castrate cats took exception to being at the vet’s and decided to attack the nearest thing to him… me. Fortunately, I got off very lightly with two rather small cuts. One is across my wrist though, and any longer it would have looked like a classic suicide attempt. Like all cat scratches, they are hurting beyond all possible belief, especially for such tiny, wimpy scratches.

Really not much to update on, just working and then coming home, sleeping and going back to work. My life is just so damn exciting.


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