First Consult

The baby magpie is still at work. It has a broken leg, so yesterday, we re-broke it and set it. The poor little thing is now wearing a lovely bandage with a paddle-pop stick as a splint. It was supposed to be picked up by a WIRES carer last night, but it was still there this afternoon. Everyone who goes through the back room somehow ends up hand-feeding it. The magpie really needs to go as Catriona is getting very attached to it, she was trying to name it this afternoon.
We also had 5 pound dogs come in for desexing yesterday, including two 4 month old shepherd crosses. They are very cute, but last night, they got diarrhea and managed to spread it all over the cage and themselves. I really did not enjoy cleaning their cage this morning, nor bathing them. Nothing like a cage full of dog shit at 8am to start your day.
I also did my very first consultation today – it was only a clipping a cat’s nails and putting Revolution on it, but I it did successfully and the clients were very impressed. Apparently, this cat attacks people who try to clip its nails, but she was a perfect angel for me. Go me! :)

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