Birthday Boy

A very slow day at work yesterday, which was only made interesting by the fact that we had a baby magpie in hospital with an injured right foot. I got the job of hand feeding it. I have never hand-fed a baby magpie so it was a case of trial and error before I worked out a method that worked. Since magpies are carnivores, I was feeding it tinned cat food and I absolutely reeked of it when I had finished. No wonder the magpie got all excited every time I walked past its cage. We also had in an injured rainbow lorikeet with head trauma, but he went home with a WIRES carer, or else it would have been on my hand-feeding list as well.

It is my beautiful boy’s second birthday today. I hope that this means that he has finished growing now. I was going to spoil him rotten this morning, but after he peed on the kitchen chairs, well, I just wasn’t in the spoiling mood. But I will still give him and Rory a pig’s ear before I go to work as a special treat.

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