More RPG Quotes

Yesterday our roleplaying group got together for another session of Witchcraft. Despite a major argument at the beginning of the game, which required us all to take a 10 minute cool off period, the game was lots of fun and went really well. Now, here are the mandatory quotes.

Those in attendance;
Vron playing Nashwa, a vampire
Sherene playing Edjan, a one-eyed Mexican Theologian
Me playing Bree, an ERT FBI agent.
Lela our humble DM

Vron: I didn’t expect the day to start like this.
Me: What? With you being dead?

Sherene: Will they perform an autopsy?
Vron (whispering, whilst dead): I’m a Jehovah Witness.

Vron: You will have to exhume me. I am not doing a Buffy.

Vron: Oh fuck, I’ve lost the dead guy.

Sherene: How about we stop chasing the knife and use your sharp wit instead.

Vron: God is my co-pilot.
Me: God is not flying the Learjet for the FBI.

Me: I am packing for this adventure.

Sherene has the other page of quotes, so I will type them up when I get them off her.

Also, an update on my weight. I have now officially lost 4.5kg (10lbs). I hit a plateau a few weeks back and have been struggling to lose the same 1/2 a kilo for weeks. This week, I lost the 1/2 a kilo and for some reason whilst sitting on my ass roleplaying and eating an amazing amount of junk food, pizza and Coke, I lost another 1/2 a kilo. I really don’t get my system at times.
Only another 10/5kgs (23lbs) to go until I reach my ideal weight.


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