Coco in the Cupboard

A busy few days at work. For some reason, we are getting a lot of desexes coming in at the moment. I guess spring is in the air.

Coco, our clinic cat, is still with us, and is getting himself into trouble again. I went to feed him last night and couldn’t find him anywhere. The cat room is a fully enclosed room and there are only so many places he could be. I decided the fastest way to find him would be to call him, as he does come when he hears his name. So, I call out for him and I hear this meowing coming from the food cupboard. Somehow, Coco had gotten himself trapped inside the cupboard, and decided whilst he was there, he would rip open a couple of kitten sample bags to eat. I still haven’t a clue to how he managed to open the cupboard door, but I am going to have to find a way to tie the door shut.

Storm sent me The Poop Report. If you like toilet humour, or like me, have a condition that means you spend a lot of your life there, you will definitely be amused.

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