Haven’t done an update for a while

Friday: Had TAFE, which was nowhere near as exciting as last week’s, but still better than previous weeks. Managed to get 9/10 on my test, so I was happy.

Saturday: Spent the day playing KoL and generally not doing much, and throughly enjoyed it. On Saturday night, we went to visit Susan and her new kitten Benson. Benson is so adorable, yet so terribly shy. The poor little kitty spent most of the night hiding. We went out to dinner at Cafe Citrus and I decided to be good and have a Vegetarian Rissotto. Bad choice, as the sauce just tasted like tomato paste. I can make better pasta sauce than that! We spent the rest of the evening playing Illuminati, which is just an awesome game. Nothing like trying to take over the world at 1:30am.

Sunday: Spent the morning doing the usual chores of grocery shopping and the laundry. We headed over to Pet Warehouse to buy the dogs some good quality roo, steak and chicken mince and brought them a 20 pack of pigs’ ears as a treat. This afternoon, we meet with friends at a cafe for a brief get together and then adjourned to the pub for a couple of drinks. That’s the way a Sunday afternoon should be spent… relaxing with good friends.


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