Gen in the Basement

After work last night, Lela and I headed out to the basement to see Genevieve Maynard’s album launch. I always forget how much I love going to gigs, until I am there listening to good music and feeling the bass go right through my body. Gen’s gig was no exception. Gen’s music is angst with a catchy beat, not the type of music to slit your wrist by, but more like I have been hurt, my life is fucked up, but damnit I am still here.
The basement is a great venue for live music. It has an nice intimate feeling without feeling cramped or squashed. The place was fairly full, which was awesome for a Monday night gig, and the audience was very receptive and really got into the music. I just hate going to gigs where people talk all the way through it, without even bothering to lower their voices when someone is on stage. It really is the height of rudeness in my opinion.
Gen and her band played an amazing set. I was surprised at how awake they looked considering they did a gig last night in Melbourne and another in Albury on Monday lunchtime. Gen also showcased a new song called “Earth-bound”, which was just gorgeous, but Lela was right in saying that it sounded like it should be in a musical, however, I disagree with her saying that it should be sung by Sarah Brightman.
Got home around midnight, and must admit that I am feeling very tired today. Hopefully work won’t be too busy.

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