Hail Storm Part 2

Another hailstorm hit at 9:40pm last night, this time with much bigger hailstones. I had just finished playing KoL for the night and had logged into LJ when the roof was pounded by hailstones. Poor Rory got such a fright that she immediately hid under my computer desk. The hailstones were followed by lots of lightning, so I decided that it was probably best to switch all the computers off and head downstairs. I did take a peek out of the upstairs doorway to watch the hail come banging down on our upstairs deck, but the amount of lightning going on was scaring me. Downstairs, Lela and Caleb were curled up on the bed, so Rory and I decided to join them and listen to the thunderstorm raging outside.
After a few minutes of listening to the storm, we decided it was probably a good idea to just to turn in for the night. Now, I am fine with thunderstorms during the day and during the night with the lights on, but lying in the dark watching the window light up with each flash of lightning and hearing the thunder roll across the ceiling, just freaks me out. Therefore, I didn’t get much sleep until the storm finally blew itself out around 1am.
This morning you could barely tell that there was a storm at all. The skies were clear and the weather warm. The only telltale signs of last night’s destruction was the branches and leaves lining the footpaths.


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