Father’s Day

I was a good dutiful daughter and rang my father at 8:30am to wish him a happy father’s day. Unfortunately, the DVD I ordered for him has not arrived :( Oh well, hopefully it will arrive tomorrow.

We spent lunch at Lela’s parents house and took the dogs with us. They always get completely spoilt by their grandparents and today was no exception.

On the way home from lunch the sky grew extremely dark until it was almost black in colour. I was hoping we could get home before the storm hit, but we were 10 minutes away when the sky opened up and it hailed! In no time at all, everything was white, it was almost like snow, but no way near as pretty nor as soft. Unfortunately, by the time we got home, it had stopped and all the ice had been washed away by the rain, but the guys over at the Sydneysiders community got some great photos. It was quite amusing driving home and seeing all the cars in the street covered with blankets, towels, cardboard or whatever people could find to protect their cars with.

Because of the storm, we didn’t do our weekly Sunday grocery shop until about 5:30pm. It was SO nice shopping in an almost empty supermarket, especially since I do suffer from supermarket rage. It was almost relaxing.

Edit: Sydney Morning Herald has an amazing gallery of photos of the hailstorm.


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