Busy day at work yesterday. We had 7 surgeries; 6 dogs and 1 cat, plus 3 grooms. Bloody exhausting, but still it was good to spend my whole shift busy instead of looking for things to do.
We have also had a client dump his cat on us. Coco, a one year old male tabby was brought in by his owner for desexing last Thursday. By Monday, Coco still had not been collected. We checked out the address, home phone number and mobile number that the client had given us and found out that they are all fake. Therefore, Coco is now legally ours. Hopefully, we will be able to rehome him, but for the time being he is living in our cat room.

Weight-loss wise, I am down another 0.5 kg bringing the grand total to 3kg. Lela reckons my tummy is getting smaller, but I can’t see it.
Desperately seeking ideas for a low-fat lunch as I am getting sick of vegemite sandwiches. I need something that is quick and easy to make and can be eaten sitting at the train station or on the train to work.


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