Late Night Emergency Surgery

More late night emergency surgery at work tonight, this time a 5 month old terrier cross called Bei Bei whose leg was broken when a bed fell on her. A closed reduction didn’t work, so we had to go into surgery. Catriona called Todd (my other boss) in to do the surgery as he is our orthopedics expert. It was the first time I had to prep a dog for leg surgery solo – thank god it was a small dog or it would have taken me hours. Fortunately, this was a surgery I knew what the hell I was doing in. Basically keep the dog alive and then before the vets close the wound site up I take x-rays, develop them and let the vets know if they have stuffed up or not.

Also had lots of fun chasing a feral cat around the clinic today. It was scheduled to be euthanised, but it decided otherwise. It ended up wedged behind the washing machine, so we set up a cat trap. Then the wild beastie managed to jump over the cat trap and launch itself across the hospital floor and down into the consulting room, where it climbed up onto of the cupboard. Somehow we managed to get the cat down from the cupboard and into the cat trap. I was so glad it was Catriona and not me who originally let go of the cat in the first place.

Picasso is still doing well, although he ripped out his IV catheter and his urinary catheter during the night. He still isn’t urinating by himself, so every couple of hours we have to get him out and squeeze his bladder. Fortunately, he is an easy going cat or my shift would have been a living hell. He isn’t impressed about having an e-collar on though, poor little guy.

Time for bed now. I have TAFE tomorrow and have to sit an exam on whatever they did last week whilst I was at the funeral. That should be fun…..not.


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