Baby Possums and Blocked Bladders

Work has finally gotten a tad more interesting. On Tuesday afternoon, we had a baby possum come in with a abscess on its jaw. Unfortunately, the abscess seems to continue up and into its sinuses, so the prognosis for the little guy isn’t great. To make things worse, when we were squeezing the pus out, a slither of bone also came out. Hopefully, he will make it.

Last night, I saw my first tomcat with a blocked bladder(urethra plug). The tomcat called Picasso, was such a sweetie to handle, but he just wouldn’t stay asleep during the procedure, so I had to keep pumping him full of drugs. I kinda feel bad, when it just me and the vet working on emergency cases, cause I truly have no idea what to do. I am definitely sure that will improve in time though.


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