Week One

It has been officially one week since I started my new healthy lifestyle, and I am happy to report that I have lost 1.5kgs (3.3lbs). Go Me!! Now to lose about 15kgs more.

I did a Denise Austin Power Kickboxing workout video this morning. Damn that woman is so perky I feel like ending her life prematurely. However, I am sure the inner rage helps me kick and punch a little harder. One of Austin’s inspirational gems is “Squeeze your buttocks, cause no one will squeeze them for you”. I feel like making that my sig line.

Work was semi-busy. Today theme was reunification. We had a cat that had been missing for 5 days come home with a broken leg. Also a maltese dog has been reunited with his owners after being missing for over 6 months. He is coming back in tomorrow for a groom and a complete health check.


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