Vale Uncle Merv

My mother called me this evening with the news that my great uncle Merv was found dead in his house after suffering from a heart attack. Not one had seen or heard from him in 2 days so they sent the police around, they broke in and found him.
I am going to miss Merv dearly. He was one of my favourite relations and he never failed to make me smile. Merv is my grandfather’s brother and you couldn’t find two brothers more different. My grandfather doesn’t believe that women are as intelligent as men and therefore, whilst they should be treated with respect, you can’t have a decent conversation with them. As a smart and intelligent woman, this viewpoint pisses me off to no end, therefore, I have as little to do with my grandfather as possible. Uncle Merv, on the other hand, loved to talk to anyone about everything. He was an actor back in his day and he never lost his love of the theatre. He told me that nothing made him happier than the day he saw his wife, my aunt Phoebe and I, together in the musical Nunsense. He was also completely accepting of me being a dyke and welcomed Lela into our family just like he did my cousins husbands and wives. He told me that I had found a beautiful woman and I should hang onto her. How damn sweet is that from an 87 year old. :)
Trying not to think too much about him no longer being around, cause I will just end up a blubbering mess.


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