Had another session of our long-running Witchcraft Game yesterday, which was lots of fun. Most of us brought out our alternative characters for a bit of play and to see how they interacted with each other. All of us were in a rather silly mood, which lead to some rather stupid things being said and recorded for posterity.

If you really want to see how weird a group of almost – 30 year old girls can be, read on.
Those involved were;
GM – Vron
Gina – Susan
Hibbs – Lela
Kerry – Sarah
Roman – Sherene
Bree – Me

GM: The vault is locked.
Gina: I’ve got lockpicking.
GM: They’re vaults, they won’t open.
Roman: I’ve got seduction.
GM: *She* might open for you then.

Kerry: I’m not dead…. I mean, evil.

Roman: Don’t shoot! It’s already dead.

Hibbs (to Roman): What happened to the dead guy?
Roman: The dead woman shot him.
Hibbs (to Kerry): Are you dead?

GM: Do you have Lie Outrageously?

Bree: Who are you?
Kerry: Detective Shirley Knott.

Bree: So Detective Knott, why did you shoot Spielberg?

Unknown: You are screwed in Colorado if she dies.

GM: There’s some testosterone thing going on between the women.

Bree: There’s random people in my crime scene! I don’t want to have to prove chain of command for this evidence.

Bree: The Relentless Dead has gone to do the recycling.

Bree: It’s still a crime scene, damnit!

Hibbs: You broke our bank manager!

Bree: Great. The dead person’s gone insane. Oh wait, I don’t know she’s dead.

GM: Let’s just forget about the missing people and install an elevator.
Roman: OH&S is everyone’s responsibility.

Kerry: Am I detecting stronger essence of Richards?

Gina: I can only do things with dead people.

Bree: You want to stop the Relentless dead from going to the bathroom?

GM: How will you explain it?
Roman: I’m speaking nothing but Russian.


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