Cityrail introduced a new train timetable on Monday that cuts the number of trains running, but supposedly means that they now run on time. Ever since Monday, all of my trains to and from work have been running late. The most pathetic effort was that of last night, where it took me an hour from Homebush to Stanmore. A hour? Can you believe it? I might have well walked. When you get an announcement at the station telling you that all trains are running out of timetable order and are extensively delayed, look for another form of transport cause you aren’t going anywhere for a very long time.
Before the new train timetable, my trains were pretty much always on time or at most delayed by 5 -7 minutes, which is nothing compared to a 20 minute delay at Homebush, then a 15 minute delay at Ashfield.
It was a good thing that I am still working my way through the Great Book of Amber or else I may have taken my anger out on some poor Cityrail employee, who has nothing to do whatsoever with the new “improved” timetable.


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