Eventful Weekend

A fairly eventful weekend for me, especially since none of it involved work.
Had Sarah’s birthday dinner on Saturday at the Victoria St Chinese Restaurant. It was really good to see all my friends, especially Keir. Keir lives in Canberra so we don’t get to see that much of him, which is a shame, cause he is good value.
On Sunday, we went kitten hunting with Susan, but alas, it is not kitten season so none of the pounds had any. Still we brought lots of stuff like scratching posts and litter trays for when the kitten does arrive.
Did heaps of domestic stuff like grocery shopping and laundry, which are never fun chores.
Still waiting to hear back from the real estate agent about our oven. If they don’t call by Wednesday, I am going to ring them up and harass them. I am sick of not having a functional oven.


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