A Death in the Family

Our oven was declared dead this morning at 7:40am. The oven repair guy took one look at it and proclaimed, “Your oven is screwed. I can’t repair it. I don’t even think that they make parts for an oven that old”. I completely agree with his prognosis. When there is rust holes in the roof of the oven and the oven window is about to shatter, it is time to say goodbye. I just hope that our real estate agent agrees and that the landlord is prepared to pay for a new oven. All we can do now is wait and hope that they get us a new oven as soon as possible. It sucks that we can no longer use our oven and we do the rest of our cooking in fear that it is all going to blow up or simply die never to work again.

Had TAFE today. It was a slow agonizing process. However, I did get to dissect a cow’s heart, which was kinda fun.

I am looking very much forward to having my first weekend off of work for over a month. I have Sarah’s birthday dinner on Saturday night and on Sunday we are going to go kitten hunting with Susan. Hopefully, we will find a wonderful new kitten for her.


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