Jorja’s Back

Looks like Jorja has been welcomed back into the CSI family. Still seeking confirmation of this as E News is not the most reliable news service. However, it does sound like things are starting to settle down. *happy dance*

The article is behind the LJ Cut.

CSI” Kills Back to Life?

by Joal Ryan
Jul 21, 2004, 4:30 PM PT

Are CSI’s casualties about to return from the dead?

Jorja Fox, axed last week from TV’s top-rated drama, will return to the scene of the crime and rejoin the show, sources tell E! News Live.

Fellow fired costar George Eads will stage a similar comeback–or so he hopes. Speaking to TV critics in Los Angeles Wednesday, Eads called his dismissal “a big misunderstanding,” the Associated Press reported.

CBS had no comment Wednesday.

Fox and Eads were bumped off when CBS got out the Louisville Slugger and played hardball with the reputedly pay-hike-seeking actors.

Fox was let go last Wednesday, it was said, because she had not met a CBS-imposed deadline pledging, in writing, to continue to report for work, ongoing contract hassles or no.

The actress was said to be “mystified” by her firing, Variety said, because she believed she’d sent in her letter in time.

E! News Live sources said the Fox matter was ruled a misunderstanding, clearing the way for her return.

Per various reports, Eads was fired last Thursday after failing to show up for work, or failing to show up to work on time.

While CBS interpreted his tardiness as a negotiating tactic, Eads said it was simply a matter of missed alarm.

“I overslept…I woke up white as a sheet three-and-a-half hours after I was supposed to be on the set,” Eads said, per the Associated Press.

The actor, who played hair and fiber expert Nick Stokes on CSI for the past four seasons, said he has “apologized nine ways to Sunday,” but has yet to directly speak to tough-love CBS chieftain Leslie Moonves.

On Sunday, Moonves told TV critics he had no regrets about whacking Eads and Fox.

“There were certain veiled threats about their not showing up, and there comes a point where we all have to look out for the future of the network television business,” Moonves said. “This behavior has to stop.”

For now, it’s production on the Emmy-nominated CSI that has stopped–at least until its forensics team is in order.

Shooting on the show’s fifth season was to have begun last week, but with all the spilled blood, cameras never got rolling.

The network formally began the search for Fox and Eads’ replacements Tuesday, the New York Post reported, informing talent agencies it was seeking two actors–one male and one female–in their “late 20s to mid 30s” who projected “sex, edgy and intelligent.”

Fox and Eads each were earning $100,000 an episode, or $2.2 million for a TV year’s worth of work.


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