My Inner Bitch

Busy day at work today and all of it grooming – my most hated task. I still suck at doing feet, I just can’t get them neat no matter what I do. Jess is really starting to piss me off. She wanted to go home early today as there was no surgery to do, yet we had a ward full of dogs to groom and Kerri still can’t work properly thanks to her broken ankle. I made Jess stay and bath every single dog we had in. The girl has to learn that vet nursing is not just surgery, but is also doing everything else that needs to be done like bathing dogs and cleaning cages. She complains that she hasn’t done enough hours to pass the semester and then refuses to work the hours we are giving her. She is always tired from going out clubbing the night before and complains constantly about the work she is made to do. Everything is “gross”, according to the world of Jess. Why she decided to become a vet nurse is simply beyond me. She has been working at our clinic for the past 6 months and she still can’t restrain an animal properly. She definitely brings out my bitchy side.


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