A Couple Of Tough Days

The last three days have been tough, working 3 11 hour shifts in a row being the only nurse on is just plain exhausting. Monday wasn’t too bad as it was fairly quiet, but Tuesday was a nightmare. Not only did we have two female desexes to do, but also a distal femur reduction plus an emergency surgery removing a pus-filled uterus out of an 11 year old Golden Retriever at 7pm. It made my shift on that day from 8am – 8:30pm. Yesterday wasn’t much better, four surgeries, one of them an emergency and I wind up with four puncture wounds in my hand, care of a bad-tempered cat who wanted to know what I tasted like.

Also I had the distinct pleasure of being abused by a breeder who wanted us to dock the tails of her new pups. She wasn’t impressed when I told her that tail docking is now illegal in NSW and took out her anger at me. Normally, I would just blow that kind of thing off, but at the time, I was ventilating a pup who was doing its damnest to try and die on the operating table. I was also beyond the point of exhaustion. I just hung up on the bitch, but really wanted to abuse her back. I figured it wasn’t professional to yell at someone on the phone at work, especially whilst your boss is right next to you stressing out.

I still feel like death warmed over even though I got 10 hours sleep and don’t have to start work until 2pm today. Also most of my friends are going out for dinner and a movie tonight and I have to decline as I just don’t have the energy. Feel like a very bad friend and girlfriend cause I am spending all my time working my ass off and just don’t have enough hours in the day to spend time with those that I love.


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